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CDC Message Works

Crafting and Defending
Effective Messages

MessageWorks supports health communicators in predicting the effectiveness of a message, quickly crafting new messages, and finding the best audience for a message.
(About MessageWorks)
MessageWorks is currently Beta.

CDC Social Works

Developing a Strategy for
Using Social Media

SocialMediaWorks supports health communicators with integrating social media strategies and technologies into their communication plan.
(About SocialMediaWorks)
SocialMediaWorks is currently Beta.

CDC Proof Works

Creating an Effective
Evaluation Strategy

ProofWorks has been designed to provide you with a tailored Evaluation Strategy based on information you provide about your program, your stakeholders, and your resources.
(About ProofWorks)
ProofWorks is currently Beta.

Other Works

Other Tools Used by Health Communication Experts

A tool used for planning, managing, and evaluating public health communication programs

CDCynergy Message Mapping Guide
A Systematic Process for Developing Audience-Centered Communication

Online Health Program Planner
The OHPP is a tool that will guide you through part or all of THCU’s 6-step planning process and help you make evidence-informed planning decisions

A tool to help those who are not behavioral scientists select a behavior change theory to guide health communication